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Elprocomm Revue
Eclectic sounds of the 60s - 80s

Elprocomm Revue Album: Best of the Best
A multi-style compilation of select original songs by Elprocomm Revue artists aimed to delight lovers of music for a long time. Jazz/R&B/Pop/Latin/Reggae/Country.

Elprocomm Revue Album: From Us To You
A variety of pop/easy listening/R & B/jazz/Latin musical styles that appeal to the soul with mellow harmonies, catchy instrumental arrangement, zesty and appealing vocals that invite you to get away and forget about cares and worries.

Elprocomm Revue Album: If There's a Way (featuring Curtis Butler)
Curtis Butler, the male vocalist and primary songwriter of Elprocomm Revue takes you back on a charming journey to the great sound of the 70s (with a touch of the 60s and 80s) with these never-before-heard outstanding original songs.

Elprocomm Revue Album: Lovin' Couples
Elprocomm love duets perform from their hearts to yours.

Elprocomm Revue Album: Power in the Air (featuring Savory Cool)
Savory Cool brings together some very professional and creative instrumental sounds with this album, especially the dazzling, exciting, pulsating, throbbing title composition "Power In The Air, with its dynamic and unforgettable climax.

Touch of Island Soul
Elprocomm Revue takes you on a musical cruise with a touch of island soul added to each performance.

You Are Your Destiny (featuring Gina Brothers)
Gina Brothers has a way of getting a point across through her voice, especially noted in this album's title song "You Are Your Destiny." Her vocal styling will remind you of some of the great artists of the 70s (with a touch of the 60s/80s).

You Make Me Feel So Fine
This "feel good" album is a golden collection of some of the best of our mellow R&B/soul, smooth jazz, pop/easy listening, country ballad eclectic sounds, each carefully selected to fit its positive theme.

You Switched On a Light (featuring Cynthia Bowen)
Nothing short of romantic is the style of Elprocomm Revue's female vocalist, Cynthia Bowen. You'll spot this right away with the title song "You Switched On A Light", as Cynthia displays a rather charming way of telling an unfaithful man off.