Songs Catalog 1

This page has been setup for you to listen to full version vocal songs of my music. For instrumentals, click on this link. All compositions on this site were written solely by me. All recordings on this site were produced solely by me. All music on this site is available for licensing (master and synchronization). To listen to a sound file, just click its play button below and enjoy the music. If you like what you hear, and see a potential fit for your project, click the Contact menu item at the top of this page to get in touch with me. Thank you for considering my music. Regards, Curtis D. Butler.

Old School R&B/Soul Come Back to Me song (vocal), key C min, tempo 43bpm, male vocalist (tenor) lead w/ male vocal harmonies background, strings, bass,drum and vibes accomp. Play love song, ballad, heartbreak, breakup, forgive, come back home
Old School R&B/Disco Funk Fusion Don't Play That Song (That Sad Song) song (vocal), key C min/Eb maj, tempo 95bpm, female vocalist (alto/soprano) lead w/ female unison background, bass, drums, piano and guitar accomp. Play forgiveness, lasting love
Old School R&B Don't Underestimate Your Woman song (vocal), key D min, tempo 120bpm, male vocalist (tenor) lead w/ male/female vocal harmonies background, vibes, strings, piano, bass and drums accomp. Play treat her like a lady, respect
Ballad Has It Ever Occured To You (That a Girl Can Hurt) song (vocal), key A min, tempo 55bpm, piano, cello and strings accomp. Play sad, hurt feelings, heart broken
Bubble Gum Pop I Like The Kind Of Love That You Give To Me song (vocal), key D maj, tempo 117bpm, female vocalist (alto) lead w/ female vocal unison background, bass, drum, keyboard, percussion and synth accomp. Play love, infatuation, special love, romantic
Pop/Bossa-Rumba I Wish I'd Never Have To song (vocal), key C maj, tempo 122bpm, female vocalist (soprano) lead w/ male unison/harmonies background, bass, percussion, acoustic guitar and strings accomp. Play island, paradise, vacation, tropical, caribbean, Latin
Love Song/Ballad I'm Gonna Fly Away (That's A Shame) song (vocal), key C maj, tempo 65bpm, female vocalist (soprano) lead, keyboard, bass, drum and strings accomp. Play love song, heartbroken, sad
Bright Hip-Hop Funk I'm Gonna Have A Good Day song (vocal), key F maj, tempo 95bpm, male vocalist (tenor), percussion/power drums, synth bass and synth strings accomp. Play positive attitude, don't worry, good day, day is what you make it