Instrumentals Catalog 3

This page has been setup for you to listen to full version instrumentals of my music. For songs, click on this link. All compositions on this site were written solely by me. All recordings on this site were produced solely by me. All music on this site is available for licensing (master and synchronization). To listen to a sound file, just click its play button below and enjoy the music. If you like what you hear, and see a potential fit for your project, click the Contact menu item at the top of this page to get in touch with me. Thank you for considering my music. Regards, Curtis D. Butler.

Pop Rock Groove Now Vengeance Is Served instrumental, key C min, tempo 85bpm, trombone section lead w/ elec. guitar, synth bass, rich strings & brass section accomp. Play suspense, action, anger, indignation
80s Funk Swing I Got That Easy Feeling instrumental, key C maj, tempo 105bpm, keyboard lead w/ rock organ, elec./acoustic guitar, elec. bass, jazz trumpet & sax accomp. Play dance, 80s funk
Jazz Rock Shuffle A Letter for Loretta instrumental, key C maj, tempo moderate, sax and trombone duet w/ overdrive guitar, rock organ & keyboard accomp. Play laid back, take a break, feeling good, funky, urban
Funk Come, Chase the Wind instrumental, key D min, tempo moderate, sax lead w/ brass accomp. Play funky, eye of the tiger, groove, soul
Soul Ballad Fragile! Handle with Care instrumental, key F maj, tempo slow, sax lead w/ keyboard & percussion accomp. Play soulful, laid back, easy feeling
Salsa/Cha Cha On a Trip to Paradise instrumental, key C maj, tempo 120bpm, sax/trombone duet w/ acoustic piano, fretless elec. bass, muted elec. guitar & percussion accomp. Play Latin, vacation, beach, island, tequila, cha-cha, funky
Upbeat Rock Electronic Power In the Air instrumental, key C min, tempo 120bpm, synth bass, elec. drums, overdrive guitar, echosweep, pad sweep synth. Play electronic, exciting, pulsating, throbbing
Trip-Hop Dance Groove Why Don't We All Get Along instrumental, key A min., tempo 100bpm, sax/trombone duet w/ acoustic guitar, santur, synth bass, drums, synth string accomp. Play thought-provoking