Hi. I'm Curtis D. Butler, the owner of Ocean of Inspiration. This site has been prepared especially for the benefit of music licensing players (i.e. music supervisors, music editors, music production houses, music publishers and entertainment attorneys).


All compositions on this site were written solely by me. All recordings on this site were produced solely by me. All music on this site is available for licensing. Because I am the both the writer and producer of all you hear on this site, I control both master and synchronization rights to all of it. Therefore, if you like what you hear, and see a potential fit for your project, click this Contact link to get in touch with me.

On Catalog pages, you really get to know my music better, since the audio files on the Catalog pages are not just 60-seconds samples - they are the complete versions of the instrumentals and songs in my catalog. Included along with each audio file is the information you need to make a decision on how any of my music can fit into your project. This information includes the genre, tempo, key, and instrumentation of the instrumental/song, along with related keywords.

On the Bio page, you will find a brief "resume" of sorts, that will help you learn about my musical background.

Thanks for considering my music,

Curtis D. Butler